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The year of 2020 has brought major changes to the world, leaving an impact on the fundamental rights of persons, economy, businesses, public security and other important areas in the life of the state, society and an individual. None of these processes can be separated from law. More exactly – the ideal of a state governed by the rule of law envisages that also during an emergency situation and after it, in shaping the life of society, law must be complied with.

Continuing the tradition of the Faculty of Law, the University of Latvia, to gather in Riga outstanding scholars and practitioners, current issues in legal science, particularly in this period of major changes, will be examined, analysed and discussed at already the 8th International Scientific Conference “New Legal Reality: Challenges and Perspectives”.

The conference will be held remotely on 21- 22 October 2021.

It is planned to organise the proceedings of the Conference in sittings of 12 sections.

Associate Professor Anita Rodiņa states: “All scholars and members of the academic staff, including our colleagues from foreign universities and research institutions, are kindly welcome to participate in this major forum of lawyers in Latvia in 2021. Although held remotely, nevertheless, international scientific conferences are an integral part of university work, which can be implemented on a sufficiently high level also in these circumstances, so challenging for all. The range of issues examined in so many sections is likely to make all lawyers interested in participating in the proceedings of the Conference”.