The events of recent years in Europe and the world: the refugee crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and an entire series of local threats have caused the need to revisit many matters that had seemed to be obvious, e.g., how to govern a state, how the State communicates with inhabitants, whether, in emergency situations, freedoms of speech, movement or assembly may be restricted, what kind of penalties should be imposed for disseminating fake news, etc. Namely, the experience of recent years has led to revisiting significantly the limits of a person’s freedom, both when the person is functioning in an emergency situation and when the current public threat has receded. Major restrictions have been imposed upon a person’s freedom; however, the extent to which this has been done legally and whether and when a person’s freedom will be reinstated within the limits of the pre-crisis era, is still to be examined both in judicature and legal doctrine.

Therefore, the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia invites you to a discussion on the inviolable core of a person’s freedom, a person’s private autonomy, aligning the interests of society and those of a person, commensurate penalties: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The Conference will be taking place on 9 - 10 November 2023, Riga, Latvia.